NGO Lite Edition

For small and medium institutions Bisan Enterprise NGO Lite Edition is the Ultimate cost effective solution for managing financial data  accounting, revenues and expenditures allocation and tracking a per project, or a cost center

Bisan Enterprise NGO Lite Edition includes the following modules and features:

  • General Ledger Module
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Module
  • Full Banking & Checks Module
  • Automatic Depreciation Calculations
  • Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Reports)
  • Multi Level File Structure
  • Multi Currency Management

Additional Software Features:

  • Drill Down Functionality
  • Filtering Capabilities
  • Advanced Search Functionality
  • Multi Lingual System
  • Export To HTML, Excel, Word,
  • User Friendly
  • Record Cloning
  • Multiple Year Reporting
  • Integration
  • Segmented Accounts

Configuration & Development

  • Access Rights & Security
  • Station Login Security
  • Control Dates
  • Internet Enabled